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This page will tell you a little about me, why I created this blog and what you can expect when you visit – not necessarily in that order.

I created toddkmarsha.com to answer the basic question, “Why do we do the things we do?” I believe answering that question is a fundamental part learning, growing and living. To move forward in life we have to tackle those thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that confound us. Those things we wish we didn’t do. Those bad habits we can’t seem to get rid of.

The topics below are at the core of answering the burning question above, for me at least, and I suspect many of you as well. Much of what you read here will center around them…

Wordle About Me

My posts quite often tell the story of a problem I experienced, what I learned in the process of solving the problem and actionable steps you can take if you’re experiencing the same thing. I invite you to subscribe to my email list. Subscribers receive each new post when it’s published.

And now a bit about me…

I was born in Buffalo, NY, surrounded by lake effect snow and chicken wings. I grew up in The North Country of Upstate New York, with a corn field across the street and an apple orchard next door.

I developed a love of storytelling while taking long walks in my 24 acre back yard. It was my escape from a childhood of being rejected and bullied by my peer group.

I entered adulthood with a negative self-image and an intense fear of rejection. Going away to college helped me come out of my shell, though. I made friends in several different social circles, although I wish I would’ve asked a few more girls out on dates.

After getting my degree, I headed directly into Corporate America. My first promotion came just 4 months after being hired by an up-and-coming sporting goods retailer. But I soon tired of authority and decided to start my own business – which lasted exactly 2 days.

With my tail between my legs, I starting working for “the man” again eventually beginning a long career with a major insurance company. I advanced to management once more but after two reorganizations, I was a manager no longer.

I spent months mired in bitterness and self pity but some good did come from it. I realized I’d being doing things all wrong. I was trying to be someone I wasn’t, leading people in a style that wasn’t my own. So I made some changes.

I decided to use my strengths, embrace the uniqueness of my personality, and do what I’ve been called to do – help others who’ve shared these same struggles. Here’s to learning, growing and living…together.

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Some Housekeeping

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