My Witness

Some years ago, a spiritual transformation began within me. It was happening before I became Catholic in 2007, although I didn’t realize it until much later. When I look back at where I was before this transformation began and where I am now, I’m literally astounded by what has happened, what I’ve learned and who I’ve become.

jyq-qxkrfpc-683x1024 My Witness
Photo by Jacob Bentzinger

In many ways I’ve cast off my old clothes and put on the new clothes of a man who loves the Lord and knows the Holy Spirit is at work 24/7, changing me bit by bit. I still sin frequently but I know the Lord is always walking with me and all I need to do is turn to Him with my difficulties.

This blog is His call coming to fruition. He has called me to share my story and inspire others to do great things in His name. Almost everything you read here has an intensely personal connection. I don’t share everything but I do think opening myself up to you is necessary so you can see the things I’ve felt, thought and experienced are very similar to your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

This is my Witness Path…

I come from Christian parents, a Protestant dad and Catholic mom, who stopped openly living their faith once we settled in “The North Country” of Upstate New York. I was raised without religion in my life. My parents told me they wanted me to discover religion on my own, without pushing me into anything. When I was a child I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I just went along with it.

Still, every so often I would think about death and the concept of forever. Just the thought would make me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t conceptualize what forever was and what it was like to be “dead”. I dreaded that feeling and tried to avoid it like the plague.

As I grew older and became exposed to more things I formed a rather negative view of Christianity. I saw Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Falwell on TV and was instantly turned off. Who would follow those two? How brainwashed would you have to be?

At the other end of the Christian spectrum, I saw the rituals of the Catholic Church and didn’t think much of those either. Making a cross when I’m told to, kneeling when I’m told to, and standing up when I’m told to. Not for me. I call my own shots.

I was a headstrong young man to say the least…

Besides, I was a gifted student. Straight A’s – ranked 3rd in my high school class. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from college. The academics of Christianity just didn’t add up. Miracles? Surely there must be scientific explanations for all of them. People in the Bible living hundreds of years? That’s just ridiculous – nobody lives that long!

At times, I called myself an athiest. Other times I called myself agnostic. Still other times I preferred the term deist. For a long time, I didn’t call myself anything. I was still making up my mind. On this blog, I’ll detail my transformation step by step, up to the present day. I pray you will be moved by what you read and find your own relationship with God being transformed, right before your eyes.

It’s a tough road and one I never imagined I’d find myself traveling down but, now that I’m on this path, I’m staying until the very end – which is only just a new beginning.

Here’s the rest of the story…

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