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Father Edward’s Homily to Remember

There are homilies and then there are homilies but today I heard a homily to remember. I’ve been to plenty of masses where once the homily was done I found myself saying, “What was that all about?” I’ve also been to plenty of masses where I was reminded that my problems and struggles pale in comparison to those that many before me and alongside me have endured.

While I must not diminish the ways I have “put it on the line” for , I also must remember that many gave up a great deal more to profess their love for our Lord. I pray that I will always see the differently after listening to Fr. Edward’s homily from Corpus Christi Sunday.

Todd K Marsha is a Catholic husband and father living in suburban Kansas City. Through his writing charism he tells the powerful story of his conversion to the faith, his triumphs through God's grace, and his continuing struggle to live a more Christ-like life.

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