Seeing Myself How God Sees Me – Part I

God loves you

The way God communicates with me is truly astounding. If he wants me to think about something, he puts that thought in my head. If he wants me to write about something, the idea just comes to me and I’m on my smartphone, thumbs a blazin’!

I’ve been praying for transformation lately and it seems God is starting to answer that prayer in a way only I would understand. This afternoon, I was sitting around after watching a football game and what came into my head was a question…

How do I start seeing myself the way God sees me?

Great question but to answer it I must first ask another question…how does God see me? Below is the answer that came to me and what an answer it is.

How God Sees Me

God sees me as one of his finest creations. Within me, he has placed every quality I need to do His will. He sees me as someone who has an unlimited capacity for love. He sees me as someone who is unique and able to carry out His call on my life in the way only I can. He sees me as someone with special gifts, not given to anyone else in the way they were given to me.

He sees me as someone who does not need to do all things well, just the things He needs me to do well. He sees me as someone destined to do great things in His name.

I am not a product that just rolled off the assembly line. I am handcrafted, homemade, and one of a kind. I am the ultimate limited edition. I am 100% organic, made from the finest natural ingredients. I was made by the artisan of all artisans.

Did he make me to be perfect? No. He could have but that was not his aim. I have flaws, by design. Those flaws do not make me defective, they enhance my uniqueness. If I were perfect, I could not experience adversity and I could never be challenged. Without adversity and challenges to overcome, how could I possibly grow?

God sees me as someone destined to grow. Destined to deepen my relationship with Him. Destined to become more like Him each day. Destined to look for guidance from Him, to ask questions, to ponder the answers and seek a greater understanding of His .

God sees me as someone who will make mistakes and come to Him humbly, asking for . God sees me as someone who will receive absolution with great joy and rededicate himself to living the life he was made to live.

 How God Sees Me vs. How I See Me

God would have never asked me this question if there weren’t a large gap between how I see myself and how he sees me. I’ve received his thoughts and displayed them here for you to read and meditate upon. The next step is to ask for His help as I examine my innermost thoughts and give a truth-filled accounting of how I see myself.

This examination is bound to be eye opening and painful. It’s a pain I must endure in order see the gaps clearly and understand how the wickedness of the devil and the weight of sin have distorted my self-image. In my next post on this subject, I will share the results of this inquiry.

God bless!

Todd K Marsha is a Catholic husband and father living in suburban Kansas City. Through his writing charism he tells the powerful story of his conversion to the faith, his triumphs through God's grace, and his continuing struggle to live a more Christ-like life.

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