Adam Copeland Previews AEW Dynamite Match Against Christian Cage


Adam Copeland shares his thoughts ahead of his first match against Christian Cage in 13 years.

Adam Copeland arrived in AEW at AEW WrestleDream. The former Edge initially tried to reunite with his friend, Christian Cage. But Cage turned him down, and their rivalry has continued to heat up ever since. Copeland will challenge Cage for the TNT Championship on the December 6 episode of AEW Dynamite. The match will be quite special, as it comes after both men were previously forced to retire due to injury.

Speaking with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Adam Copeland previewed the high-profile match.

“We haven’t wrestled each other since 2010,” Copeland said. “I was retired for nine years, he was retired for seven. The last time we wrestled against each other in a title match was 22 years ago. The gravity of those dates, it’s incredible to me.”

Adam Copeland Highlights His Feud With Christian Cage

Adam Copeland went on to reflect on his genuine friendship with Cage, and he stated that they have been through everything together. He also described how the story they’re telling in AEW is everything he wants to do.

“We weren’t two guys slapped together and told to be a tag title–for us, it’s all real,” Copeland said. “His family. My family. We had our first daughters within eight weeks of each other. All the triumphs, the failures, we’ve been through it all together. We were both able to make it, which is crazy. Sleeping in Home Ec rooms, the lakes we drove across, the boxes of crap for dinner. We traveled the roads in WWE. Now we’re here in AEW. A large part of our audience has been through a lot of this with us, too.

“We were both told we’d never wrestle again. Then we were different companies, so the possibility for us to wrestle each other wasn’t even there. Now we’re here. And we’re at a point where, in terms of being able to tell a layered story, we’ve never been better. And we’re bringing different talent into the story and giving them a boost. It’s everything I want to do.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of AEW Dynamite as it airs on Wednesday.

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