LA Knight On WrestleMania: AJ Styles And I Will Turn It Up More And Have People Talking


LA Knight and AJ Styles‘ feud has continued to rise ahead of their WrestleMania 40 match, something that Knight believes is helping them stand out.

Speaking to The Ringer Wrestling Show (via Post Wrestling), Knight opened up about the various angles he and Styles have escalated their feud, something he thinks is helping them not get lost in such a big event.

“There’s no titles on the line (in my match against A.J Styles), there’s no gimmicks to this match,” said Knight. “It’s just (a) straight-up singles match, and to be featured like that, considering everything that’s going on and to have made the noise we’ve made. If I’m honest, yeah, I think we might’ve gotten lost in the shuffle for a little bit but once we had the arrest angle happen and with last week and everything, I think we made enough noise now to get some people looking our way again and I think once we get to Mania, this Sunday, I think we’re gonna turn it up a little bit more and have some people talking some more so we’ll see.”

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