Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens vs. Randy Orton Result


Logan Paul is still WWE United States Champion.

In the fourth match of WrestleMania 40 Night Two, Logan Paul was tasked with defending his United States Championship in a triple threat match against former champions Kevin Owens and Randy Orton.

Paul arrived on a Prime monster truck, while Owens escorted Orton to the ring on a golf cart. The two challengers then started the bout by double-teaming the champion. But when they went to pin Paul at the same time, that’s when the alliance ended.

Paul made a comeback with a swanton bomb on Owens followed by a frog splash on Orton. Later, Paul pulled out his brass knuckles for a punch on Orton, but The Viper kicked out. Owens tried to steal the knuckles away, but Paul punched him twice as a result.

Orton managed to hit an RKO on Paul and set up for the Punt, however streamer IShowSpeed, who was in the Prime bottle suit this year, pulled Paul out to save him. IShowSpeed shared words with Orton at ringside, which prompted Orton to attack him and hit an RKO onto the announce desk.

Back inside, Owens hit Paul with a pop-up powerbomb followed by a Stunner on Orton for a nearfall. Owens went for a pop-up on Orton, but he countered with RKO. Paul then tossed Orton out and hit a frog splash on Owens for the three-count.

As a result, Logan Paul remains the United States Champion. His reign will now extend past 155 days since he won it on November 4, 2023.

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