Matthew Rehwoldt Joins Cast Of The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Musical


Matthew Rehwoldt is ready for The Last Match.

The Drama King recently took to Twitter to announce that he will be joining the cast of The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Musical. He mentioned that he is happy and looking forward to blending his experience in Theatre with Professional Wrestling.

“Hey everybody, it’s the ‘Drama King’ Matthew Rehwoldt here. And while I’ve made my career both in the ring and at the commentary desk, I got something else up my sleeve. I will be joining The Last Match. A wrestling Rock and Roll experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And I’ll be doing so with the role of The Boss. I cannot wait to see each and every one of you up and down the East Coast as we take the Last Match on tour. And I hope to see you there. Trust me. Theatre is where I got my start. I’m bringing it back. Combining it with wrestling. Bringing that Boss like power, that only the Drama King can. I’ll see you at the Last Match,” Matthew Rehwoldt said. 

McKenzie Mitchell and Mickie James are also part of the cast. Matt Cardona, who played Alexander Swagger in the initial run of the show, stays on as a co-producer.

During a recent interview with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard, Last Match director and lead producer Jeremiah James opened up about his ‘brainchild’. He mentioned that it would be a blend of broadway and professional wrestling.

The Last Match: A Pro Wrestling Rock Musical is my brainchild from the very beginning. I always wanted to, as a producer and a writer, marry two of my greatest loves in life, [Broadway musicals and theatre] and then my other love of pro wrestling. I’m also a Buffalo Bills fan, but I haven’t quite figured out how to make that into a show yet. But make no mistake, it may happen one day,” James joked.

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Are you looking forward to experiencing The Last Match?

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