Ghosts of Holiday Meals Past

The holidays are a bittersweet time of year for me. Not because of loved ones who have passed or gifts I never received. It’s bittersweet because I love holiday food and holiday meals but I hate what they do to me. I love frosted sugar cookies shaped like snowmen, peppermint hot chocolate, corn bread stuffing, […]

Thoughts on the Second Coming

So I was driving to work this morning and a thought came to me while I was listening to #Catholic radio. A priest was being interviewed and he was talking about the #second coming. The thought was one I’d had before… I hope #jesus doesn’t return while I’m alive because I haven’t accomplished what he’s […]

Seeing Myself How God Sees Me – Part I

The way God communicates with me is truly astounding. If he wants me to think about something, he puts that thought in my head. If he wants me to write about something, the idea just comes to me and I’m on my smartphone, thumbs a blazin’! I’ve been praying for transformation lately and it seems […]

A Brief Reflection on the Charism of Evangelization

Today is my 12th wedding anniversary and I find myself in a reflective mood. As I look back, one word comes to mind – #evangelization. This wonderful charism my wife was given by the #holy spirit is the single biggest reason behind WitnessPath’s existence. Before I met Jenny, I was not a writer, nor was […]

For a Friend…

By: Todd Marsha This morning I learned a friend and Brother in Christ was diagnosed with colon cancer. The prognosis is good but the next year of treatment and healing will be tough. Pray for him, his wife, their three girls, and baby boy due in January. They are perhaps the most Spirit – filled […]

Are You Living Someone Else’s American Dream?

Think back to high school, maybe earlier. Remember your dreams? What did you want to be when you grew up? How’d it turn out? Did you turn your hobby into your career? Did you make your dreams come true?   Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped […]