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Check Out My Guest Post at Brazen Life

At no time in my life did I have to learn, grow and live more than when my employer reorganized its management ranks.

company reorganization

After 12 years in a leadership role, there was no longer a leadership position for me. I still had a job but I would be contributing as an individual only. Surreal is the best word I can use to describe the experience.

Months passed before I truly came to terms with the change and accepted my new role. I experienced every emotion possible during that time – especially anger, resentment, helplessness, and fear. With reorganizations becoming an everyday occurrence in the corporate world, you may find yourself thrust into the same circumstances I was. To come out the other side in a healthy frame of mind and ready for what the future holds will take some work.

To help you do the work and be better for it, I wrote a guest post for my friends at Brazen Life. Read it, save it to Evernote and make it the first thing you look at if you’re ever given the news I was…How to Handle Losing Your Job After an Abrupt Company Reorganization.