Procrastination – Is There a Magic Pill?

You mean there’s no button I can press to rid my life of procrastination forever? There’s no magical sentence that once I hear it I’ll be transformed and never put anything off again? What about a potion? Surely, there’s an elixir that will amazingly reprogram my mind and turn me into a chief executive a&& […]

Musical Good News from Josh Wilson

Brothers and sisters, I didn’t leave you. I wouldn’t dare – not without saying something anyway. Just took some time to think, rest, be lazy, procrastinate, shovel snow, watch soccer and a few other things so trivial I can’t remember them right now. I’ll still do all these things from time to time but now […]

One Year to Glory – January 20, 2013

Hi everybody, I haven’t written here in a few days but I have been writing. I’m working on a book. I think I’ve mentioned it previously. I’ve fought a lot of negative thoughts in getting to the point of starting the book. One of the biggest was that my story wasn’t compelling enough. Who would […]